Terms + Conditions

Thank you for letting us help plan your vacation. Before finalizing your travel arrangements, we want to make you aware of the Terms + Conditions of Inspired Voyages, Inc. d/b/a Q Cruise + Travel (“Q”).  Your acceptance of this itinerary or invoice or your use of Q website, services or travel arrangements signify your agreement with the following terms and conditions, and your agreement to convey this information to your travel companions and/or group members.

Supplier Contracts: Providers of travel services, including airlines, hotels, cruise lines, tour operators, ferry, railways and car rental companies (“Suppliers”) have their own contracts covering cancellation penalties and other terms and conditions, and you may be bound by those contracts regardless of whether you receive notice of their terms. By accepting this itinerary or invoice or by using our website, services or travel arrangements, you consent to those terms and conditions. Refer to Supplier brochures and website for details. 

Professional Service Fees: Q charges nonrefundable service fees for various activities, including itinerary planning, trip cancellation, trip changes and airfare research. Please refer to our current Trip Planning + Service Fees.

Cancellations and Change Policy: It is your responsibility to be aware of Supplier’s cancellation policy and deadlines, which do not necessarily match final payment dates. Q will charge an administration fee if you cancel or change your initial travel arrangements, in addition to any fees charged by Suppliers. Q must receive both your instruction to cancel reservations in writing and your payment of cancellation administration fees due, before your reservation will be cancelled with the Supplier.

Methods of Payment: We recommend that you pay your vacation with a credit card. We accept personal checks and money orders, provided they reach us no later than 7 days before a payment is due. We do not accept cash.

Travel Documentation, Health/Vaccination Regulations, Travel Safety: You assume full and complete responsibility for checking a) all conditions regarding health, safety, security, political stability, and labor or civil unrest at your destination(s) and b) verifying that everyone in your party has complied with any and all passport, visa, mandatory health, vaccination, or other entry requirements of your destination(s). Failure to have proper documentation will result in denied travel with no refund. In many cases, your passport must be valid for at least six months after your trip. U.S. citizens require a passport for all international air travel, and for most international travel by sea or land. We recommend that you review the U.S. State Department website at www.travel.state.gov for documentation requirements and information concerning possible dangers at destinations. If you have ever been convicted of a crime, including driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, Canada and other countries may refuse you entry. If this applies to you, contact the nearest Embassy or Consulate. Many Suppliers require you to provide immigration information at least one week before departure, online, via fax or phone. If you are pregnant or traveling with minors, you must notify us at time of booking to discuss special arrangements and documentation required by cruise lines or authorities. We recommend you contact the Centers for Disease Control at www.cdc.gov/travel or your physician for information on travel health.

Fares, gratuities, fees and taxes: Travel arrangements involving airline and cruise components are subject to supplemental price increases that may be imposed by the Supplier and/or government after you have completed your purchase. You hereby consent to any such price increases and authorize your credit or debit card to be used for them. Unless stated otherwise, your fare does not include gratuities and other expenses of a personal nature, such as beverages, spa and casino services, transfers, gifts, etc.

Insurance: Personal and health insurance may not cover you while traveling. You may not get your vacation cost back if you unexpectedly need to cancel or change your travels. We recommend that you consider purchasing travel insurance and will gladly inform you about available options; however, no representation or description of insurance made by our staff constitutes a binding assurance or promise about the insurance. If you choose to decline travel insurance, we will require that you sign a statement confirming that you are assuming any and all financial loss associated with your travel arrangements and return this signed statement to us by mail, by scan and email, by fax, or in person before we will release your travel documents.

Air Fare: Unless otherwise indicated, when you choose a Supplier’s air arrangements, that Supplier chooses the airline, routing and schedule, which might include stopovers, early, late and overnight flights and alternate airports. The Supplier will only provide your flight schedule about 20-30 days before departure. By then, it may no longer be possible to request seat assignments. In this case, you may do so at the airport. Applicable airline fees for luggage, seat assignments, food and beverages are not included in your airfare. On request, Suppliers may offer a premium service for a fee to let you select specifics related to your flights (preferred airline, non-stop flights, travel dates, etc.), in addition to any fare differences.

Cruises – Independent Air: We recommend that you arrive in your cruise port the day before your cruise departs, so your embarkation day starts off more relaxed. If you must arrive on embarkation day, give yourself sufficient time to allow for flight or other delays. We recommend that your flight lands at least five hours before your scheduled cruise departure. In most cases, you are expected to be checked in for your cruise at least 90-120 minutes before its scheduled departure time. Your ship will not wait for you: if you miss your ship, you are responsible for making your way to the next port. Travel insurance may protect you in case of delays.

Cruises – Guaranteed Stateroom: If you chose a guaranteed stateroom, the cruise line will assign a room at a later date, entirely at its discretion, in the category you have purchased or higher. While upgrades can occur, there is no promise of this happening. No requests can be placed. If location (center, forward, aft, specific deck, being near travel companions) is important to you, you should not book a guaranteed stateroom. Once a room is assigned by the cruise line, it cannot be changed.

Cruises – Itinerary Changes: You are booking a cruise, not an itinerary. The cruise line reserves the right to alter routes and/or omit ports if necessary.

Cruises – Dining: We will communicate your dining preferences (early/late/flexible seating, preferred table size) to the cruise line when applicable. Most cruise lines consider this a request only. Please contact the Restaurant Manager when you board the ship if you wish to change your table assignment.

Consumer Disclosure Notice: Your use of our website, services and/or travel arrangements signify your acceptance and acknowledgement that Inspired Voyages, Inc. d/b/a Q Cruise + Travel (“Q”) is acting merely as an intermediary and sales agent for Suppliers of travel and travel related products and services (such as air carriage, hotel accommodations, ground transportation, tours, cruises, etc.) and that these services are not directly supplied by this agency. Q, therefore, shall not be responsible for acts or omissions on parts of such Suppliers, or their failure to provide services or adhere to their own schedules. Q assumes no responsibility for and shall not be liable for any refund, personal injury, property damage, or other loss, accident, delay, inconvenience, or irregularity which may be caused by: (1) any defaults, wrongful or negligent acts, or omissions of the Suppliers; (2) any defect in or failure of any vehicle, craft, equipment, or instrumentality owned, operated or otherwise used or provided by the suppliers, (3) any wrongful or negligent acts or omissions on the part of any other party not under Q’s control; and (4) any Supplier price drop after your travel arrangements have been confirmed, paid in full or ticketed.

Q has no special knowledge regarding the financial condition of the Suppliers, unsafe conditions, health hazards, weather hazards, political conditions, or climate extremes at locations to which you may travel. By embarking upon his/her travel, the traveler voluntarily assumes all risks involved with such travel, whether expected or unexpected. Traveler is hereby warned of such risk and is advised to obtain appropriate insurance coverage against them.  For information concerning possible dangers at destinations, Q recommends contacting the Travel Warnings Section of the U.S. State Department at (202) 647-5225 or www.travel.state.gov.  For medical information, Q recommends contacting the Centers for Disease Control at (877) FYI-TRIP or www.cdc.gov/travel.  You assume full and complete responsibility for checking and verifying any and all passport, visa, vaccination, or other entry requirements of your destination(s), and all conditions regarding health, safety, security, political stability, and labor or civil unrest at such destination(s).  You hereby release Q from all claims arising out of any problem covered in this paragraph. You hereby agree to submit all claims against us within 30 days after the return of your trip. You agree that the courts in Cook County, Illinois, will be the exclusive jurisdiction for all claims brought by you or Q, and you hereby submit to the personal jurisdiction of those courts.

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